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Come to compare your clicks – stay to get your online marketing news! Money talks! Increasingly, search engines rely on paid advertisers to assemble their results. Advertisers are charged a bid amount whenever a surfer clicks on his link. But really the critical point for the bottom line of any small business is online marketing. Without it a business can rarely succeed. This is a resource to help entrepreneurs and business owners make sense of the online world. This new breed of “pay-per-click” search engines offers great traffic. But, sometimes, a great way to lose money! Keyword prices differ dramatically from engine to engine. “levels” the playing field by letting advertisers instantly compare keyword prices at multiple pay-per-click search engines! This blog is primarily a places for learning. To allow small bushiness to develop the skills to market their own businesses better. However if you do not want to go through the learning curve yourself and would prefered hired help, go to Local Optimize, the best company forĀ  Online Marketing / SEO services. From personal experience I would say they are the best company to get the job done. You can realistically expect to get a first page ranking on


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